Tyres - 24 Hour Breakdown Service

At Southern Tyres, we stock a large selection of new tyres for:

  • Cars

  • Vans

  • Light Commercials

  • 4x4's

  • Lawnmowers

  • Tractors

We ensure that we have a wide selection in our depots at all times to ensure you get your new tyres as quickly as possible. In the event we do not have what you require, we can order in extremely fast.

Free Tyre Safety Check

Call into our depot today for a tyre health check. Our team will check for things like pressure – over or under inflated tyres, wear & tear, uneven wearing and much more.

24 Hour Breakdown Service

1. Check your tread depth

More tread means more grip in the wet. It’s as simple as that. Check your tread depth regularly either with a dedicated tread gauge or using the built-in tread wear indicator on your tyres. The legal requirement in European countries for summer passenger tyres is 1.6 mm.

Check your tread depth:

  • On all four tyres
  • In each main groove
  • In at least 2 points along the grooves

2. Check your tyre pressure

Tyres simply will not work without enough air. Make sure you check your pressure at least once a month and keep your tyres correctly inflated at all times. You’ll find the correct pressure for your vehicle in your operating manual and in most cases either under your fuel cap, call us on 021-4397961 if you need advice.

Check your tyre pressure:

  • When your tires are cold
  • Before long journeys
  • When carrying heavy loads

3. Check for damage or irregular wear

Look after your tyres and they will look after you. Check regularly for any signs of irregular wear, any sharp objects lodged in the tread and any cuts, tears, cracks or bulges. If in doubt, ask a specialist!

Check for damage or uneven wear regularly:

  • On all four tyres
  • On both sides of the tyre
  • On wheel rims (which may damage your tyres)

What is an e-mark?

An E Mark confirms the tyre meets the minimum agreed standard in terms of its load, dimension and speed rating.

E-marks explained

In the EU it is a requirement that EU motor vehicles have e-marked tyres both old and new. The mark will consist of an “E” or an “e” followed by a number included a circle or rectangle. The number represents which government granted approval while the number outside the circle or rectangle represents the type of approval certificate issued for the tyre size and type.

As well as tyres, exhaust silencer, catalytic convertors and brake pads must also be e-marked. Tyres which are not e-marked do not meet the required minimum EU or international standard and can cause you to lose your driver’s license.

Checking of e-marked tyres as part of the roadworthiness test is common through the EU. Since 1st April 2010. The NCT now includes a check to ensure that tyres on cars are e-marked. View the new NCT test items here.