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Choosing the Safest Tyres for Every Season with Southern Tyres

When it comes to your vehicle’s safety, efficiency, and roadworthiness, one of the main areas to focus on is the quality of tyres on your vehicle.

Tyres are one of the most important safety features of your car or van, which is why it’s so important to keep them in good condition. While most people install tyres and don’t think twice about them, it’s important to ensure that your tyres’ safety features align with the seasons and weather changes, especially if you travel a lot or live somewhere with dramatic seasonal weather changes. Here, the Southern Tyres team will explain how to ensure your tyres are kept safe, weather-proof, and effective all year round. Consider Weather Changes As aforementioned, weather conditions will greatly impact the condition of tyres on your vehicle. While some places that have a temperate climate, such as the South-East of Ireland or England, won’t affect the quality of your tyres too much, places with more drastic annual weather changes, such as the West of Ireland, the North of Ireland, and areas around Scotland, can greatly affect the wear and tear of your vehicle’s tyres. As a team of Cork tyre experts, we recommend drivers in these areas, or people who travel regularly by car to areas like this, invest in season-specific tyres. Winter Tyres When it comes to winter tyres, the clue is in the name! Winter tyres are tyres made specifically for use in rough weather conditions, and are especially effective for driving through areas of high rainfall and snow. Unlike standard tyres, winter tyres have additional grip to avoid skidding and slipping when driving on uneven and slippery terrain. These tyres are marked with a snowflake and mountain icon and can be installed on cars, vans, and other light commercials. As well as offering extra grip in adverse weather conditions, winter tyres will sustain less wear and tear in these weather conditions than standard tyres, making them a safer and more durable option for all types of vehicles. Summer Tyres Summer tyres are made from a softer compound than winter tyres, and are designed to be driven in weather conditions above 7 degrees Celsius. While these tyres may not seem relevant to Irish drivers, due to our unpredictable summer and generally low temperatures, summer tyres are a fantastic choice for people who travel regularly by car, as they work well on hot roads in sunny climates. Summer tyres’ softer compound means that they are less resistant on the road, resulting in a more fuel-friendly option. As well as this, summer tyres have increased road-holding ability tailored specifically toward hot weather, ensuring safety, energy efficiency, and quality simultaneously. All-Season Tyres As well as having season-specific tyres available, here at Southern Tyres, we stock an extensive range of all-season tyres which, as expected, can be used all year round. While all-season tyres are a cost-effective and durable tyre option for vehicles that don’t travel excessively, they do not have the same grip and energy efficiency as season-specific tyres. That being said, if you’re looking for a cost-effective tyre and drive in temperate climates with little to no harsh weather conditions, investing in all-season tyres is a perfect solution to keep your vehicle safe and road-worthy all year round.

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